Announcement: Colm’s Other Blog

18 12 2009

I’ve started another blog about my year out.


Submerged: Colm’s Impressions

19 11 2009

Preliminary reports on Submerged were bad.  In fact, when we were buying up the DVDs initially there were some gaps (and we still don’t have Ticker) but one of the first gaps filled was Submerged.  It was bought to be an example of the very worst we could expect from Steven Seagal’s straight-to-DVD fare.  However, Pod and I both found it to be enjoyable nonsense, definitely better than either The Glimmer Man or The Foreigner and I’m sorry to say I think we actually enjoyed it more than Into the Sun on that particular evening. Read the rest of this entry »

Poster Fixes: Under Siege

19 11 2009

A running joke with Seagal fans and the public at large is that all of his film titles can be Steven Seagal is *Title* and while it works often, sometimes not quite.  Here, we’re going to propose some titles for those were the above doesn’t work out.

is not what is


1 09 2009

I’m sure anyone interested already knows about Steven Seagal: Lawman, but I just wanted to add my own commentary.

This proves that Steven Seagal > Chuck Norris.  In the nineties, when Chuck Norris jumped ship to the small screen he made Walker: Texas Ranger, a fantasy about him being a Texas Ranger.  When Seagal makes the same move to TV (he held on fifteen years longer) he does what is (ostensibly) a documentary series about what he actually does when he’s an actual cop.

Opening Montage

1 09 2009

Updated the About Us section

Above the Law

31 08 2009

If only a poster like this was my introduction to the world...Well, I’m beginning where Seagal began with Above the Law.  My co-contributor and I are up to “The Foreigner” in a Chronological viewing of Steven Seagal’s filmography having skipped only “Ticker”, since he isn’t the headliner and we’d spent enough money.

My name is Colm Seeley and the hope is that we’ll catch up on the previous films and post gifs, clips and commentary as well as keeping up to date as we watch the new films.  Next up is “Out For a Kill”, the main draw of which is that Seagals plays a fucking Professor in it.  We’re diving headlong into his straight-to-dvd work now and I can only hope we emerge alive on the other side.

I should point out that after we decided to do this we used Vern’s wonderful Seagalogy to guide us through.  His personal website is over in the links section.

Until then, ask yourselves what it takes to change the essence of a man.